The 5.4 magnitude earthquake's epicentre was at Eidsvold on the Fraser Coast, with potential damage caused within 16km and shudders felt within 160km.
The 5.4 magnitude earthquake's epicentre was at Eidsvold on the Fraser Coast, with potential damage caused within 16km and shudders felt within 160km. Geoscience Australia

Your Stories: What you felt when the earthquake struck

WE asked how you were affected by the magnitude 5.2 earthquake and you delivered.

Here are some of the first emails we have received about how you were affected by the historic quake.

People have felt the earth move from Dicky Beach on the Sunshine Coast to Rockhampton in Central Queensland.

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Liddy Nicholls Maroochydore

My Bed was shaking so much, I was so scared cause I thought it was a ghost. 

Woke my 6 month old up but even an earthquake won't wake up my Partner lol


Kym, visiting Kingaroy

We are in Kingaroy at the moment staying at the Big4 Caravan Park in a Cabin and the whole thing was shaking for a little while.....

First thing I thought was this is feels like a Tremor from an EARTHQUAKE!!!!!

Woke up looked at FB this morning.....sure enough I was correct!!!! Lol


Joyce Graff, of Kabra near Rockhampton

Woke me up in the early hours of this morning. 

My bed was shaking, the windows rattling and there was a weird, vague rumbling sound.  I was in a deep sleep but didn't bother getting up because in the back of my mind it was a mild earthquake. 

I'm originally from New Zealand and I can remember small tremors from my childhood.

This morning I found a very heavy picture had fallen from the wall to the floor.....


Clare, of Avondale

Felt it strong in Avondale.

Was noisy and I thought I a gust of wind because the roof sound like it was moving.

I realised it must've been something else when the bed moved under me.

Woke me up and all the dogs in the street.


Tracey from Tewantin

Was already awake and felt the bed shaking at 1.57am, very strange sensation.

No noise, no dogs barking, some creaking of the house. After living in New Zealand for 10  years I knew it must have been an earthquake.


Sheelagh Wannop, of Noosaville

I live in Noosaville Qld and felt the house shaking around 2am. I heard a big rumble and the doors rattled! Quite frightening!


Stacey and Craig Vignon

Woke us up in Sunshine Beach. Our room was shuddering- then it was all over.

I thought I was dreaming til we looked it up on the internet this morning. 


Debra Livingston, Buderim on Sunshine Coast

Woke up to the bed shaking, side to side… and everything moving…. looked at the time when it finished, it was exactly 2am, I would say it took about 2 minutes or less. 

Thought it might have been the old volcano waking up that we are living on in Buderim as I have felt very minor movements previously.


Bodie Ashton, of Stony Creek near Woodfoord

Yeah I have a flexihome its like a caravan I felt it maybe 5-10 seconds only little movement I live at Stony Creek via Woodford it was like a strong wind just giving u a little rock I didn't even know there was a earthquake till I seen this post

Graham Chesher, of Dundowran Beach

About 2am we heard a loud roaring noise coming towards us then the bed shook and the house rattled.

It lasted for a few seconds.


Julie of Urangan, Hervey Bay

We thought someone was running down our stairs the window rattled loudly for about 3 seconds and the dog jumped up and barked.

Then we put it down to a possible tremor.

We live in Urangan (Hervey Bay) I can't help but wonder with the mining going on and what they are taking out of the earth is this not Mother Nature saying "leave me alone this is a warning, or else next time you won't be so lucky".


Deb from Hervey Bay

Staying in our caravan woke up and felt the van shaking though that was weird as there was no wind.

Have felt them before in Kalgoorlie WA and Darwin and knew what it was.


Jacqueline Perkins, of Urraween in Hervey Bay

I live in Urraween, Hervey Bay and was sleeping.

Woke up as I felt our home shaking.

Did occur to me that it was an earthquake but then dismissed the thought as I told myself that I must have been dreaming.



Johanna Levis, of Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast

We all woke up at 2 am in the morning from our whole house shaking, it was the strangest feeling ever.

First we didn't know what was going on but then we realized it must be an earth tremor brought on by a quake somewhere, it felt really powerful to be in the house shaking like that all the way through.

I have never experienced anything like that.

Mother nature sure is powerful.



Spiros Papachristopoulos, of Bundaberg North

I was asleep, but felt a strong shaking in my bed.

Thought my roomie had come in after one too many and was trying to climb on top bunk.

He never actually came in last night!


Karen Williams of Clinton ,Gladstone.

I was woken at 2am today thinking my husband was having an fit or something, as the bed was shaking wildly.

I looked over and he was sound asleep.

I couldn't go back to sleep, not knowing what made the bed shake so much.

Now I see on the news, we had an earthquake.


Ginny Cram, of Bundaberg

Per usual neighbours dog woke me up with its barking then there was a bang and a sound like strong wind .

The sliding glass windows that were open rattled and then the bed gently but very quickly shook for about 5 seconds.

I realized what it had to be and when I saw the kitchen light on and my husband making himself a cup of tea I went out and said to him "did the ground move for you"?

At 75 he gave me a silly look and said "that was an earth tremor"



Sonia, of Maryborough

I am in Maryborough Qld and had fallen asleep on the lounge after trying to watch all of The Hancock story.

I was woken around 2am by our 2 dogs barking & our 2 cockatiels going crazy in their cage.

Then I felt the shake of our first I thought I was dreaming & still half asleep, but then my kids woke up too asking me if I also felt the house shake.

First time ever in my life I have felt something like that...scary!

Greg Henicke, of Gladstone

I heard the Windows really vibrating like strong winds blowing gale strengths.

He felt the staircase vibration like someone thumping up and down the stairs.

It last about two minutes


Marilyn C. Stewart, of Gladstone

Yep, I felt it, we live in Gladstone - the strong jolt woke me up and the dog started barking there was a "bang" noise as well but not sure if it was from something falling over or from the Earthquake.

I remember thinking that was a Earthquake but went back to sleep and did not feel any more tremors.


Helen Steele, of Toowoomba

I woke from sleep just before 2am today . I was still in bed and thought the bed was shaking for a very short time . I thought it was a little earthquake .

I live in Toowoomba .

I come from New Zealand ,so I have felt them before.

The last earthquake I felt in Queensland was about 25 years ago in Townsville one night !


Sheryl Ward, Oakhurst Gardens

I woke up and felt the bed moving. First I thought my husband had laid on the control for our electric bed and had starting the massage.

Then I heard the windows rattle  the dogs were all barking in the neighbourhood.

My husband thought it was wind but I said no. 

Thought it was an earth tremor. Didn't go back to bed too scared in case another one came. 


Jean Hooper, of Bundaberg West

At 1;53 am I heard something I thought someone ran into the side of our house then rumbles then the windows and sliding doors started shaking and also the glass in the cabinet and then I realised what was happening.

All the dogs around the area were barking before all this happened


Leanne Ross, of Elliott Heads

Woke up to the house vibrating, i thought i was dreaming and went back to sleep.

No one else awoke.


Deborah from Caloundra

I'm glad to find out I'm not crazy, I felt my caravan rock early last night 0800 ish.

I think and knew that there must have been a seismic episode happening some where 


Patrick Eckard from Gracemere Qld just west of Rockhampton.

I got woken up at 2am with the whole house shaking.

Scared the crap out of my Fiancé and I.

We had no idea what had happened!

Tora and Michael Walker, River Heads, Fraser Coast

Woke at 2am in our old queenslander home on a hill overlooking Fraser island at River felt like it was and paintings on the wall were moving..hanging pot plants were swinging....very interesting.

Stayed awake for an hour waiting to see what if anything else was happening! 


Tangalooma Resort on Moreton Island

A bit further south, I woke to the sound of my dressing table mirror banging against the wall while a dozen bottles of aftershave danced on the shelf , one of which fell over.

I knew it had to be  quake given that we are on a sand island and at 2am, the bandicoot would be the biggest thing moving around this neighborhood! 


Matthew Watkins, of Yeppoon.

I came to just before 2 am thinking the washing machine was going but when i stood up it increased and the windows were shaking and went to look at the washing machine to find it was off.

Then heard the report this morning.


Amy, of Rockhampton:

I was awake at 2 when the windows started to shake for around 6 seconds.


Shane Rutherford, Telina in Gladstone

My son and I were woken at 2am in Telina, Gladstone. 

His bedroom window rattled and our mini foxes sought our company frantically. 

He described it as a sideways shake, approximately North-South.


Krishna Mishra, of Toowoomba

Yes I felt there was earth quake. I was awake to feed my babies and sitting on couch.

Suddenly my couch vibrates as well as blinds for couple of seconds. 


Rosemary of Avenell Heights, Bundaberg

  I woke to dogs barking and felt the rumble as if it came down the road and through the house, the dog barking accompanying it as other dogs joined in.  

The whole house shook and my husband continued to sleep.

This was 1.55am by my clock.  earlier in the night when I was going to sleep the dogs in the area were restless and barking at nothing.  

They say dogs can predict such things


Mick of Burnett Heads, Bundaberg

We live on a boat at Burnett heads, Bundaberg, which is out of the water at present, so it was a bit of a surprise to be rocking on land.

Woke my wife and I up in the early hours around 2ish. 


David and Sandra Ennew of Pacific Paradise

We felt the earthquake in Pacific Paradise  4564.

The whole house shuddered for about five seconds.

At first my thought someone was walking around our verandah.

The possum on our roof felt it too and screeched and bolted off somewhere.

My wife's initial thought was that we were having an earthquake.

Who would have thought this would happen . 


Nicola and Adam at Hervey Bay

Yes we felt it here in Hervey bay, Dundowran Beach,  the whole house was shaking. It woke us up.

I thought the windows were going to break.


Margaret at Dicky Beach, Sunshine Coast

Shaking of bed and rattling of windows woke me.

Didn't go for too long.


Bill & Jenn Fordham of Walligan, Hervey Bay

Yes we felt it! - 2 consecutive tremors - shook the bed like in 'The Exorcist' ( a little exagerrated )


Phil Turner, of Rockhampton:

Felt the quake this morning on the south side of Rockhampton in Allenstown.

House shook,then heard something break,which was a figurine which had fallen from a display shelf.


Anna Reynolds, Landsborough

I live in landsborough asleep on the couch when the screen doors started rattling and the couch started shaking pretty weird when your half asleep


Karen Semple, Peregian Beach

I'm in North Peregian beach, I woke up to my robe doors shaking And my blinds rattling. 

Looked out at neighbours couldn't see ant ones lights on so really didn't know what it was?

Googled but nothing was up on news yet. 


Kathleen Bennett  from Gladstone

I was woken to my mirror  doors an my bed shaking an all the dogs barking was quite  frightening really as i wasn't sure on what was happening as i have never experienced  a tremor before... ! 


Mike and Louise of Dagun

Whole family woke at about 2am?

Our dogs were running around barking and whimpering doing what I'd call, unusual behaviour.

The shaking, doors and windows rattling, was quite loud which lasted up to 10 seconds causing no damage. 


Michelle White from Hervey Bay:

Yes we felt it in Hervey Bay.  My husband and daughter were also awaken. 

My daughter thought the pictures on her wall were going to fall off. 

Two other people in our street had posts on Facebook within minutes.


Karen of Flaxton on Sunshine Coast

We were woken just before 2am with a long rattling and shaking.

It woke myself, my husband and daughter up. We got up and we're searching for what it was.

We live in Flaxton near Montville on the Sunshine Coast.

We have never felt a earthquake here before.

Maureen Lee, of Wondai:

We were woken just before 2am with the house shaking and windows rattling at Wondai.

Very frightening experience.


Julie Harvey, Jupiter Street in Maryborough

My mum and I were woken by the house shaking at 2 .04 am at Jupiter street Maryborough, Qld.

I'm was qute unnerved for a bit older person.

We're as I have felt them before in N.Z.


Nigel Greenup

Woke at 1:57 to the bed shaking and noise for about 6 seconds.

Located on the esplanade at Scarness on the Fraser Coast 


Candice Higgins, Bundaberg:

Hi, I felt the earth quake in bundaberg! Woken by thunder sound and bed shaking.

Bird go crazy in there cage.

bit scary.


Sarah Price, Sunrise Beach:

Just before 2am I was woken when the French doors off our bedroom started rattling.

It felt like the house was shaking a little too, but I wasn't sure if I was imagining that having just woken up.

My husband was asleep still, so I woke him asking 'what's that?'

He said it was the wind, but it was dead calm. We wondered if it was an earthquake.

Linda, from Witta

Felt it at Witta, house vibrated and shook. 

We thought the cows had got in underneath and rubbing agianst the posts.

Woke the kids. What a hoot!


Linda of Mt Coolum

I'm in Mount Coolum and i felt my bed shaking which woke me up.

Was a very unusual feeling and it lasted about 10 seconds.

Kyrie, of Benaraby:

We live in Benaraby.

We woke to feel our bed and our bedroom shaking in the early hours of the morning.

It was like a quiet, persistent shaking. Quite eerie! 

Sent from my (earthquake proof) iPad

Renee, from Coolum Beach:

We live in Coolum Beach and were woken by the building complex creaking and shaking.


Sharon Hamill, of Buderim:

I was woken at 1:58 at Buderim as the bed was shaking for several seconds.


Belinda, from Gladstone:

I'm in Gladstone and woke up to a the blinds in our house banging and the ceiling fans shaking.

It felt like ages that the shaking went on for.

Never experienced that before!

Only realised it was an earth quake when my sister texted me to ask how the earthquake was!


Robyn, from Noosa Heads:

I awoke at 1-55am as my bed was shaking and the whole house was shaking.

I live in Noosa Heads. 

It was quite eerie.


Jane Steers, Tannum Sands, Queensland:

I was woken up just around 2am I am a light sleeper but woke to bed moving thought husband was dreaming and moving around. 

But I checked around our house as if sounded like somebody moving a screen door back and forth. 

Just couldn't get back to sleep afterwards but assumed just me being me!! Feel bad I blamed my husband for waking me up!



I live in point Vernon hervey bay.

I was woken by the house shuddering and my bed shaking.

It woke everyone in the house.

My granddaughter said the vibration of the windows and the bed moving woke her.



1.57am at South Bingera, 14kms along Isis Highway from Bundaberg Airport, our whole house trembled and every tile on the roof rattled.

No damage sustained.

Every dog in the neighbourhood barked so we knew it was a tremor. 

Kay Pacoe-Lambert of Nambour:

Woke me up.

Heard the noise sounded like a huge gush of wind but no wind and the bed shook from side to side for a few seconds.