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THE dedicated Tweed Daily News editorial team is committed to delivering you news and information which is up to date, factual and relevant.

If it happens on the Tweed, you'll know about it first with us - because we're for you.

After 131 years serving this community, and knowing what stories and subjects interest you, it's a pledge we're happy to make.

And as we move into a new era online, it's a pledge worth repeating.

Recently, we moved to a Premium online digital subscription model.

Under Premium, you will see more articles with a rainbow coloured Plus sign next to them.

This means the story is available to subscribers only.


But any story without a Plus sign is able to be read for free.

To access subscriber-only content, we're inviting you to subscribe to the Tweed Daily News Premium.

It's worth highlighting the compelling value you'll get with the Tweed Daily News Premium.

As well as unlimited access to Tweed Daily News content across all devices, you also get full access to the digital print editions and to our new app, which is essential for users wanting the best experience, allowing you to sign up for the latest breaking news as well as follow topics of interest to you.

Your subscription also gives you unrestricted digital access to the Gold Coast Bulletin and The Daily Telegraph, our State's leading metropolitan site, including full access to the digital print edition and to The Daily Telegraph app.

It also gives you unlimited access to stories across the wider News Corp Australia network, including Courier Mail, Herald-Sun and other news sites.

There are some great offers each month as part of the +Rewards program for digital subscribers.
There are some great offers each month as part of the +Rewards program for digital subscribers.


The +Rewards site is a special members-only club included with your subscription.

Members get access to free tickets, discounts and benefits worth hundreds of dollars a year.

Rewards include free eBooks curated by Harper Collins and Harlequin, 12-month digital magazine subscriptions to several titles, ticket giveaways to major sporting matches and discounted tickets.

And the rewards are updated each month.

We're making this change because serious journalism costs money.

We believe local journalism is critical to the ongoing prosperity of our region.

We are keeping the print edition, but the number of readers voting with their fingers and reading more online.

More stories than the paper can hold are online.

And for the price of a cup of coffee, you can continue to be among the thousands of readers each week who access our stories on the Tweed Daily News online.

They do it because they're proud of their local community.


From the streets of our towns, to unspoilt stretches of beach on the Tweed Coast and up into the Tweed Hinterland- no one cares more about the Tweed region than we do. We're for you.

For those unwilling to pay, you will still have online access to vital information, such as weather warnings, road closures, missing children reports and other issues where public safety may be at risk.

Classifieds and real estate listings online will also remain free to access.

But the best stories about our people will be under the Premium banner.

To find out more about becoming a subscriber to the Tweed Daily News Premium for the introductory price of just $3 a week, contact us on 1300 361 604 or go to