Maureen Goodman suffers from a rare allergy to swamp gum pollen.
Maureen Goodman suffers from a rare allergy to swamp gum pollen. David Stuart

Woman suffers gum tree allergy

A CABARITA woman who finds one of Australia's most prevalent plants toxic has sought a cure abroad.

Maureen Goodman suffers a severe allergic reaction to swamp gum pollen.

During the blooming season from July to October Ms Goodman is bedridden and in constant pain.

"I couldn't get out of bed, couldn't hold my head up and I was so itchy that it burned," she said.

"This doesn't show on the outside like other diseases."

Ms Goodman said she was only just receiving support after visiting an allergist on the Gold Coast who has bought in serum from France to cure the condition.

"At first he didn't believe me it was so serious telling me to stay inside out of the breeze during the blooming season," she said.

Ms Goodman said after she collected her own samples of the swamp gum and showed him the results they started the hunt for a cure.

"I have to take injections every week and I only started three weeks ago," she said.

"I'm confident that it will work, what else can I be?"

Ms Goodman said she was the first to receive treatment from her allergist for allergy to swamp gum pollen and wants to warn others that other people might have similar conditions that go undiagnosed.