Lana Odean Appo was given a $2000 fine after her dog Choc had to be euthanised after a RSPCA inspector found him in poor conditions.
Lana Odean Appo was given a $2000 fine after her dog Choc had to be euthanised after a RSPCA inspector found him in poor conditions.

Woman fined $3.5k, dog put to sleep after life of agony

A WOMAN has been ordered to pay more than $3500 in fines, vet bills and legal costs after a family pet had to be euthanised.

Lana Odean Appo (pictured), 52, pleaded guilty to failing to provide appropriate accommodation and living conditions, failing to provide appropriate food and water and failing to provide appropriate treatment for injury and disease.

When an RSPCA inspector was called to Appo's home on March 22 for another dog, the inspector found a male chocolate and white border collie cross dog called Choc tethered to a pole.

The dog was suffering from many conditions including dermatitis, a painful hip, a chronic skin condition, hookworm and loss of hair around his neck. When he was taken to the vet, the dog was found to have an enlarged prostate and his body condition was graded a two out of nine, with one being emaciated.

"Despite the efforts of vets and the RSPCA Choc was deemed too aggressive to be rehomed," said civil prosecutor on behalf of the RSPCA, Nicole McEldowney.

"As a result the he had to be euthanised."

Ms McEldowney told the court Choc would have been living with the injuries for months or years.

Appo's lawyer Gavin James told the court his client had owned the dog since it was a puppy and kept him tethered so he and their other dog wouldn't run out of the yard.

Mr James said the border collie cross was much loved by the family.

He told the court that since April last year Appo's partner was unable to work due to injuries sustained after a car accident, meaning the primary breadwinner was out of the job.

Mr James told the court as a result of her partner's injuries and ongoing treatment the dog had become a secondary priority.

The court heard Appo lived with her de facto partner and seven others, including children and grandchildren.

Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan said she found it extraordinary that with so many people living in the home and "loving" the dog, that no one cared for him.

"It was said his condition was consistent with animal cruelty and neglect," she said.

"Pets that live in homes are to be loved and given a home like all members of the family, you failed him terribly and you left him in a condition that required him to be put down, that is abhorrent behaviour."

Appo was fined a total of $2000, half of which had to be paid to the RSPCA by the end of November with the rest referred to SPER.

She was also ordered to pay $101.80 in court costs, $794.46 in vet costs and $750 in professional costs. She was also given a two-year prohibition order.