Louisa Joy Longland leaves court after admitting to assaulting police and a high level drink driving offence.
Louisa Joy Longland leaves court after admitting to assaulting police and a high level drink driving offence.

Woman drove home from coast nearly six times alcohol limit

A WOMAN who returned an alcohol reading almost six times the legal limit had driven almost 100km before being caught.

An Ipswich court on Friday heard Louisa Longland had been drinking vodka at Greenmount beach on the Gold Coast before driving back to Silkstone on Sunday, March 8.

Prosecutor Sergeant Rose Molinaro said Longland's manner of driving was bad enough that by the time she had reached the Ipswich Motorway at Goodna, other concerned motorists were contacting police.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard police tracked the rego plates to Longland's home, where they found her seated in the car outside her home.

"She said she drank Vodka from a bottle in the car before leaving Greenmount beach (Coolangatta) to go home," Sgt Molinaro said.

"She posed a great risk to other road users."

Louisa Joy Longland, 40, from Silkstone, pleaded guilty to six offences on Friday, including two separate charges of assaulting police at Silkstone and at Ipswich hospital on January 19 this year; two counts of obstructing police officers; committing public nuisance at Ipswich Hospital; and being in charge of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

The court heard Longland's reading was an astronomical 0.292.

In the assault police incidents, the court heard police were called to her home in January to assist with her but one officer was assaulted when she pushed him in the chest, telling the officer to "f***off".

Longland assaulted a second officer at Ipswich Hospital by kicking him in the shin after being taken there for medical care.

Sgt Molinaro said police had to restrain her in the waiting area.

Defence lawyer Kathryn Lohman said it was conceded that her behaviour was very concerning.

"She is extremely ashamed and embarrassed," Ms Lohman said.

"She has grappled with ways to make amends to the police officers. She offers $500 each as compensation."

She said Longland was introduced to heroin as a teenager and was using ice by the age of 17.

When training as an electrical apprentice, Ms Lohman said Longland received a severe electric shock and suffered third-degree burns to 25% of her body.

The court heard Longland started using cocaine after the injury.

She later completed a 90-day rehabilitation clinic and has since been clear of all substances.

"Everything came to a head. She instructs she does not recall much of what was going on at the time," Ms Lohman said.

She sought that no conviction be recorded as it would likely impact on Longland's career.

Magistrate Rob Turra said her remorse was clear but the offences were serious, and she even made a terrible nuisance of herself in the hospital.

"People there were dealing with the lunatic behaviour of a person screaming out obscenities," Mr Turra said.

"The very people trying to assist you.

Mr Turra said Longlands' drink driving was clearly a danger to other road users.

She was convicted and fined $500 for driving UIL, with her licence disqualified for 15 months.

Mr Turra fined her $300 for the assaulting of the two police, and ordered that she pay $500 to each officer. No conviction was recorded.