Norman Desmond Cheney
Norman Desmond Cheney

Trial adjourned for man accused of murdering friend

UPDATE 2pm: The trial of a man accused of killing his friend and cementing his body in a barrel at Esk has been adjourned.

Anthony Charles Oliver has pleaded not guilty to murdering Norman Desmond Cheney in December, 2010.

A bushwalker found Cheney's remains in a cemented barrel in the Caboolture River in February, 2011.

Oliver has been on trial in the Supreme Court in Brisbane but the case was adjourned on Friday.

The trial will recommence on Monday.


Wife speaks in barrel body case

TRISCHELLE Cheney struggled to speak of the violent relationship with her dead husband.

Her answers to Crown Prosecutor Todd Fuller were short and quiet, only providing a censored insight into a turbulent period, which included an affair with her husband's best friend and her husband's death.

Across from Ms Cheney, and listening intently, was her ex-lover, Anthony Charles Oliver, who was on trial for murdering Ms Cheney's husband, Norman Desmond Cheney.

Oliver, 38, is accused of killing Mr Cheney and driving his body to Esk, where he put it in a barrel, poured in cement and dumped it in the river.

A bushwalker found the barrel in the Caboolture River in February, 2011.

Oliver has pleaded not guilty to murder and is on trial in the Supreme Court.

Ms Cheney said yesterday she met her late husband when she was 13 or 14 but did not start up a relationship with him until later.

She confirmed she left another man to be with Mr Cheney, before going back to the previous man, and then back to Mr Cheney, the father of her seven-year-old child, in 2003.

Mr Fuller asked the mother of three what happened to Mr Cheney when he injected ice.

"It changed him," she replied.

Asked to explain the violence that occurred between them, Ms Cheney only said her late husband would get "angry" and "very wild".

The jury heard Mr and Ms Cheney moved from Marcoola to Morayfield, where Ms Cheney began to see Oliver on a daily basis.

Ms Cheney confirmed she and her husband had been apart for a few weeks when Mr Cheney disappeared some time between December 20 and 26, 2010.

The jury also heard Oliver and his sister, Jenny Oliver, tried to give away a car with blood in it to a friend following Cheney's death.

Ruben Dohnt said Oliver told him Ms Oliver had a car for him but when she picked him up, Ms Oliver allegedly said the car had to be burnt. Mr Dohnt told the jury he saw blood on the car carpet, passenger seat and side of the car.

Defence barrister Michael Byrne QC put to Mr Dohnt he falsified the story to gain indemnity from prosecution.

"The whole reason for you to go out to Peter (Jenny's husband) and Jenny's was to clean out the car, to get the blood out of it and strip it," Mr Byrne said.

Mr Dohnt denied the proposition.