Why I vandalised One Nation's political sign: Coast mum

A SUNSHINE Coast woman who works as a research scientist speaks out over why she decided to vandalise a political sign of One Nation candidate for Nicklin, Steven Ford.

Mr Ford claims "RACIST" was scrawled across the signs and a phallic symbol was drawn on his head.

A woman has written to the Sunshine Coast Daily to claim responsibility.

She says:

"As one of the vandals who has defaced a political sign of yours (I do not take credit for the horns or phallus), I felt the need to respond to your recent opinion piece in the Sunshine Coast Daily.

"Though I can only speak for myself, I feel that it is important for you to know that this act did not, as you assumed, stem from ignorance, lack of intelligence, or an association with any political party.

"Resistance does not always come from the face you may like to imagine.

"As a research scientist, I am intelligent and highly educated. I am a thoughtful member of my community, helping friends and neighbours in any way I can, usually in the form of a pot of soup when it's needed.

"I am a mother. I care deeply for my family, cook nutritious meals, read to my children and help them with their homework each evening, and volunteer at their school each week.

"I have been happily married to the same man for nearly 20 years. My greatest offence is a single speeding ticket in almost 25 years of driving.

"Prior to your sign, I had never before defaced anything.

Was the vandalism of One Nation signage acceptable?

This poll ended on 30 October 2017.

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Yes, it was an acceptable political protest


It's illegal but the vandal makes a good point


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"But walking my dog one evening, a growing frustration turned to indignant defiance when I discovered that yet another One Nation sign had popped up in my community.

"During an election campaign, the appearance of political signs representing a range of parties and views is to be expected.

"But the creeping rise of One Nation political signage on the Sunshine Coast outside of an election cycle is an embarrassing disgrace and does not accurately reflect the wider community.

"As you well know, One Nation is synonymous with intolerance and xenophobic nationalism. I can no longer stand this needless barrage on my daily commute, and I cringe to think that people travelling through our region might assume that One Nation represents the dominant political view.

"In the current world mood, the appearance of these signs only serves to perpetuate fear and anxiety, precisely the sentiments One Nation is dependent upon.

"Mr Ford, I think that what you refer to as "treating everyone equally" is in fact the pursuit of sameness; a desire for homogeneity, born from ignorance and fear.

"But sameness and equality are not the same thing. Human equality is based on respect, regardless of difference. It is founded upon the central principle that, irrespective of race or religion, we all share the same fundamental rights and responsibilities.

"Though it might be comforting for you to imagine that those who oppose the views of One Nation are ignorant, tired political opponents, I can confidently assure you that many of us are in fact thoughtful community members of intelligence and substance.

"I acknowledge that lowering myself to vandalism is not a sensible or terribly productive political action. It was an act arisen from a place of deep frustration.

"Clutching a can of spray paint, left over from painting my son's bike, this was a shake of my fist in resistance to One Nation's continual efforts to thrust its harmful ideologies upon our community. 

I am not associated with any political party, rather, choosing to vote with intelligence and conscience at any given election. I may never again deface anything, but I am glad that my act did not escape your attention.

"The irony that I am espousing respect, yet I vandalised a political sign, does not escape me, but as long as these signs are multiplying in a community whose views One Nation does not largely represent, I believe the community has every right to respond. 

"We do not have to accept this.

"The Sunshine Coast is a region of exceptional beauty. Let's keep it that way. Limit these political blights on the landscape to election time, when a range of views can be fairly represented.


"A Sunshine Coast resident"