Pottsville residents may be affected by changes to its water supply route.
Pottsville residents may be affected by changes to its water supply route. Rob Williams

Where drinking water will be affected in the Tweed this week

POTTSVILLE residents can expect dirty water coming from their taps on Wednesday as council changes water supply routes.

According to a statement from Tweed Shire Council, the water supply route throughout South Pottsville will undergo a change to improve water quality.

Council said residents may experience dirty coloured water for a short time due to the change.

"The changeover aims to improve water quality but for a short time may result in dirty coloured water," a statement read.

"Residents who get dirty water from their taps on Wednesday and thereafter should call Council so workers can attend to flush the pipes.

"The dirty coloured water comes from the scouring of the lining of the pipes and is not harmful to your health."

According to the council website, "customers also may notice a milky colour to the water after an interruption".

"This is caused by trapped air bubbles. The water is perfectly safe and the bubbles will settle if left for a while."

A council spokesperson told the Tweed Daily News the changes were "routine maintenance". 

"Harmless deposits of iron and manganese that have accumulated within the water main over a period of time are disturbed and suspended in the water, giving it a discoloured appearance," they said.

"Although unsightly, the suspended particles are harmless to health and the water is safe to drink."

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