A TOOWOOMBA snake catcher has saved a brown snake from a painful death after it was ensnared in a rat trap.

Renowned snake handler David Wiedman attended a property in Torrington after a callout from a concerned resident.

The man, who keeps numerous birds in an aviary, tries to deal with rats by laying traps.

Mr Wiedman said the snake likely smelled a rat before being caught.

The snake was in pain making it a difficult rescue.

Dave Wiedman wrangles the snake in Torrington. Photo Contributed
Dave Wiedman wrangles the snake in Torrington. Photo Contributed Contributed

Mr Wiedman said the position of the snake meant he had to grab the head and get it under the trap.

It's not the first time he's made such a rescue with snakes regularly caught in safe rat traps and sticky traps.

Mr Wieman advised residents who found snakes in rat traps to keep a safe distance and call a licensed snake catcher.

Rain over Christmas led to a decrease in callouts for the snake catcher but Mr Wiedman said with weather starting to heat up snakes would start to become more active.

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