FORWARD THINKING: Greg Smith is able to assist businesses retain their customers using five simple steps.
FORWARD THINKING: Greg Smith is able to assist businesses retain their customers using five simple steps. John Gass

Tweed businesses learn tricks to keep customers coming back

MANY people think the key to a successful business is a large volume of customers but Greg Smith disagrees, having worked in the Tweed creating positive experience for his customers for more than 15 years.

Focussing on keeping customers happy so they're more likely to return is the framework of The Masters of Client Retention's plan, which Greg has created to ensure businesses build strong, meaningful relationships with their customers.

We chat to Greg about The Masters of Client Retention:

What inspired you to open your own business?

If I asked you to tell me about a recent interaction when you were delighted by or excited about an experience with a business I hope you could name a couple of examples.

If I then asked you to share times when you have been ignored, not called back, forgotten or dismissed, then my research says that the pile of awesome experiences is far smaller than the pile of dissatisfying experiences.

The Masters of Client Retention has developed a simple five step system for helping small to medium-size businesses focus on improving customer experiences.

When we know a five per cent increase in retention can lead to a 95 per cent increase in retention it astounds me that companies do not pro-actively do more to retain clientele.

What's the biggest challenge of convincing business owners customer retention is important?

The key challenge is penetrating the minds and agendas of busy business leaders and managers who are already operationally busy and doing great work. Once they see the evidence that improved customer experience works, many see it as a perfect way to compete.

What can businesses do to ensure this relationship is maintained?

There are five main components that are simple to conceptualise but not easy to implement.

They include engaging with empathy, delighting, creating experiences and being loyal.

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