Paul Brewer at his Pickled Pig Brewery.
Paul Brewer at his Pickled Pig Brewery. Blainey Woodham

Tweed breweries latest creation thinks outside of the box

THE team at the Pickled Pig Brewery at Tweed Heads South aren't afraid to think outside the square, especially when it comes to ciders.

Their latest creation Smashed Melon (with a hit of mint) certainly lives up to their reputation for coming up with something different.

It is a proper cider using locally sourced produce and, like all the Pickled Pig range, is gluten free and is even vegan friendly (yeap).

The cider is crisp with a distinct watermelon flavour but it is the use of the mint which really gives it a little bit of zing.


A Smashed Melon sixpack.
A Smashed Melon sixpack.

It's a good thirst quencher, refreshing and cleansing without being too sweet as can be the case with flavoured ciders.

At around 4.6 per cent, it's full strength and like many ciders, doesn't make you feel bloated after a few - hence it is a nice sessionable drop.

If you like a cider that offers up something different, that is a bit tangy but not too sweet Smashed Melon could hit the spot.

The new Smashed Melon cider is available at The Pickled Pig Brewery at 1/2 18 Industry Drive, Tweed Heads South.

The cider is also available through a number of selected outlets on the Gold Coast and Tweed. For details visit


Serve nice and cold, your choice of glass but a tall pilsner might be best. At around $20 per 330ml six pack, it's an easy drinking drop.


Little Creatures Stout

ONE of the best things about winter is that it's the perfect time to indulge in dark beers - especially stouts.

Little Creature has recognised this with the release of their seasonal stout which really hits the mark.

As expected, it has a rich dark colour, not as jet black as some other stouts and pours with a milk coffee coloured head.

The aroma is equally as rick, offering up roasted malts and hint of chocolate and delivers plenty of body and flavour from the first mouthful.



Little Creatures Stout.
Little Creatures Stout.

It really fills the mouth with smooth balance with the malt giving way to a subtle chocolate which then leaves the palate cleanly.

The end result is a drop which instantly draws you back for more.

As far as stouts go, this isn't quite as heavy as some others on the market but doesn't fall short in terms of flavour and at 5.8 per cent, certainly does the trick in the colder months of warming you up.

It also doesn't sit as heavy in the gut as some more prominent stouts though after a few, you will feel pleasantly content.

Little Creatures Stout has good sessionability - easy to knock over a few, especially sitting in front of the fire and is definitely a good way of warding off the chills.

It would go well with a hearty stew or beef brisket or a decent flavoursome cheese.


As with any darker beer, I like to let it sit for a little bit to breathe and to warm slightly to allow the characteristics of the beer to develop. At around $23 per 330ml six pack, it's also pretty good value.