A great white was spotted off a reef in Pottsville earlier this morning.
A great white was spotted off a reef in Pottsville earlier this morning. DPI

Tweed beach evacuated after giant great white shark sighting

A GIANT great white shark has been spotted off a reef at Black Rocks in Pottsville, forcing the beach to be evacuated.

According to Dorsal Watch, the Department of Primary Industries located the shark during an aerial report at about 10.40am this morning.

The shark was estimated to be around 3.5 metres in length and the beach was evacuated.

The majority of great white sharks reported on Dorsal Watch are around two-metres in length, making the Pottsville shark larger than average.


A supplied image obtained Tuesday, April 10, 2012 of one of the great white sharks spotted during an expedition to tag and film the species off Stewart Island. An annual expedition by scientists to tag and film great white sharks has seen 23 of them tagged near Stewart Island. (NZN Image/DOC, Clinton Duffy) NO ARCHIVING, EDITORIAL USE ONLY
A great white shark. CLINTON DUFFY

Meanwhile, another great white shark of unspecified length was spotted near Kingscliff beach about 7.36am this morning, however the shark was tagged and no evacuation was necessary.

In Byron Bay, a two-metre bull shark was also spotted at Cosy Corner in Tallow Beach.

The sighting comes after a number of shark attacks on the Queensland coast in the past weeks, with two occurring on the Whitsunday Islands within 24 hours late last month.