Shadow Police Minister Guy Zangari and State Labor candidate for Tweed Craig Elliot.
Shadow Police Minister Guy Zangari and State Labor candidate for Tweed Craig Elliot.

Tweed a crime mecca as shadow minister demands more police

SHADOW Police Minister Guy Zangari has condemmed Tweed MP Geoff Provest for failing to protect the community amid an ongoing crime spree.

In the past week alone, the Tweed Shire has become a crime mecca as police struggle to keep up with an increased amount of pursuits, assaults, weapon offences and car thefts.

Last Monday, Tweed City Shopping Centre was sent into lockdown after a dangerous cross-border pursuit ended in the arrest of four teenagers.

On Thursday, a group of men were arrested in Kingscliff after a gun and machete was found in their car, while a driver died that same night after engaging in a police pursuit which was called off before the man crashed into a tree.

Then on Friday, a police officer was assaulted and grabbed by the testicles during a violent arrest with an alleged car thief.

Last week, The NSW Police Association said pedophiles were being left unmonitored in the Tweed and slipping off the radar completely while calling on the State Government to employ at least 30 additional officers in the Tweed.

Today, Mr Zangari said enough was enough and there was "no point in having a shiny new police station unless you have enough police”.

The new police station at Tweed Heads is having an open day.
The flash new police station at Tweed Heads. Contributed

"The government needs to have an appropriate strategy to keep its residents and the people who come to visit safe at all times, you can't have proactive policing when the current police are so hamstrung,” he said.

"What we have here is a lack of investment in police in the Tweed Byron District as the thin blue line protecting our communities is expected to do more with less.”

Mr Zangari said police would be provided with "better resources” under a Labor government.

"We're working on a policy right now to look at better resourcing for police and more support for their mental health,” he said.

"A whole police package we will announce very soon and we look forward to announcing more resources in the not too distant future.”

State Labor candidate for Tweed Craig Elliot said the first step to "address the crime spree engulfing the Tweed” was to restore frontline services.

"As a former frontline police officer, I know that extra officers make for a safer community and more police pro-actively patrolling our suburbs means residents will be safer in their homes and that's why I'm backing the blue,” he said.

Mr Provest has been contacted for comment.