There's a little bit of history in this Tyalgum jewellery store

16th May 2017 2:25 PM
Kirra from Osiris Studio and Gallery at Tyalgum with her 17th Century Anvil. HAND CRAFTED: Kirra Springs, from Osiris Studio and Gallery at Tyalgum, with her 17th century anvil. SCOTT POWICK

WANDERING around the idyllic village of Tyalgum, you might stumble across Kirra Springs sitting at an antique French anvil dating back to 1700, crafting beautiful jewellery.

We chat to Kirra about Osiris Jewellery:

1. What do you most enjoy about operating your own business?

I love being involved in the creative act on a daily basis. I enjoy teaching others in a way that they can feel supported and inspired. But mostly, I think it's people's response when they visit the studio and fall in love with this unique little create oasis.

2. What's the biggest challenge in operating a business in Tweed?

Getting folks through the door. I am constantly astounded by the amount of people I meet who have never been to Tyalgum, or even know of its existence, and they only live a short drive away. Tyalgum is such a gem, with so many wonderful things to experience and discover. Overall, we are seeing an increase in visitors to the village as it is a perfect day trip destination - but I'd love more.

3. Why do you enjoy working with an anvil to create your jewellery?

It is an extraordinary piece of history. It is an unusual piece, with ancient symbols carved into the iron, which are quite beautiful and mysterious, and tell of a history of belonging to an esoteric order and trade guild. It is so beautifully aged and marked from centuries of use, and holds the resonance of the history of the craft within. I use the anvil to construct these new pieces that I am launching this weekend, where the texture of the iron is transferred onto the silver and gold, creating a beautiful and fascinating surface for the jewellery.


For more information about Osiris Jewellery, visit:

10 Coolman St, Tyalgum