Terri Irwin from Australia Zoo. PICTURE: STEWART McLEAN
Terri Irwin from Australia Zoo. PICTURE: STEWART McLEAN

Terri Irwin says crocodile shooters only saving 'small dogs'

TERRI Irwin has questioned the sense in authorities using sharpshooters to kill a crocodile likely to attack small designer dogs at Lake Placid and not much else.

The Australia Zoo owner said the reptile shot by Department of Environment and Natural Resources contractors earlier this month was little danger to humans.

"It was reported as being about two metres long, so that's certainly not life-threatening for something a person's size," she said."We've potentially saved a chihuahua somewhere, so that's awesome."

Ms Irwin said Australia Zoo's 14-year study partnership with the University of Queensland had revealed crocodiles could hold their breath for nearly eight hours, travel 60km in a day, and move 1500km in a single trip.

With these figures in mind, she said education about the dangers of life in crocodile territories was more effective at saving human lives than a catch-and-kill policy.

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