Teaching dogs new tricks at the academy

18th April 2017 1:11 PM
TOP TRICKS: Rhonda Robinson from Top Dog Training Academy playing catch with her dog Pandas. TOP TRICKS: Rhonda Robinson from Top Dog Training Academy playing catch with her dog Pandas. Scott Davis

TWEED dog owners are now more than ever keen to keep their canine fully trained.

With a passion for dogs, Rhonda Robinson decided to assist dog owners in teaching their dogs new tricks.

We chat to Rhonda from Top Dog Academy:

What inspired you to open your own business?

I identified a need in the market for dog training on the Tweed Coast where there was new development and an expanding population. Combined with my passion for dogs, I had a vision to assist as many dog owners in and around the shire as possible to become responsible dog owners.

So, there would be less dogs impounded, injured or anti-social and more obedient, safe, happier, confident and content dogs living with their families and in the community.

What do you most enjoy about operating your own business?

Having full control of all aspects of the business, and being flexible to offer services to meet the market needs and demands along with personally training all Top Dog Academy's new clients which now exceeds 1060 clients since opening in 2010.

What's the biggest advantage in operating a business in Tweed?

Opportunities become available with growth and development which the Tweed region offers.

I live locally, and therefore understand the market and environmental challenges it offers. This enables me to adapt and change the direction of the business accordingly.

Meeting new people, networking and supporting other local businesses and charities in the region is also an advantage.


For more information about Top Dog Academy, contact:

0407 252 161

www.topdogacademy. com.au

www.facebook.com/ dogtrainingservices