OPINION: Ancient Rome offers key to ending street violence

THERE seems to be an increasing amount of public comment regarding a huge increase in the number of "incidents", where people are beaten and even killed for no apparent real reason.

There is an "I have to prove I am better than everyone " self-belief in those committing this nasty and stupid crime.

So perhaps we should start special schools for these folk, where they could learn to become gladiators.

Just like we used to have a few thousand years ago.

And we could construct special stadiums.

A copy of the ancient Roman Coliseum would be okay.

People could pay to go and watch, just as they do now for the football etc.

And it was only a couple of thousand years ago that women were included as gladiators too.

So we could include them in this new endeavour.

Want to be a "man" or "woman" and become famous for your ability to defeat and even dispose of all opponents?

Become a gladiator!