Sunshine Coast locals win and lose big at the Noosa Tri
Sunshine Coast locals win and lose big at the Noosa Tri

Sunshine Coast locals win and lose big at the Noosa Tri

Three Sunshine Coast locals who successfully took on the Noosa Triathlon symbolically left behind at the finish line their former, heavier selves.

Shannon Taylor, Alita Cobb and Elle Goodall decided to team up for the Noosa Triathlon earlier this year to celebrate the 270 kilograms they had lost between them following weight loss surgery.

A symbolic, and very poignant moment was had at the finish line with the trio holding up life-size cut outs of their former selves, before they embraced and were congratulated by the crowd.

“It just goes to show how far we have come. We took the time at the end to acknowledge where we have come from, and we acknowledged what is possible and what can be achieved,” Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor said that the successful completion of the Noosa Triathlon would help to take away the stigma associated with weight loss surgery.

“[Weight loss surgery] is a second chance. It saved my life,” Mr Taylor said.

The atmosphere at the Noosa Triathlon helped the trio throughout their three events.

“It was an amazing event and so much support out there. It will be a memory I’ll treasure for years to come,” Mr Taylor said.

A personal best in the 10km run was set by Mr Taylor at the Noosa Triathlon.

Swimmer Alita Cobb said she was holding back tears at the start line.

“But the moment I hit the water, I knew I would be ok. I am so damn proud of my time!” Ms Cobb said on Instagram.

Ms Cobb completed the 1km swim and 1km run in just over 22 minutes.

“I’m actually in shock that I did that time,” Ms Cobb said.

Cyclist Elle Goodall set an average pace of 40km/h and reached a top speed of 77km, completing the course in 1 hour and 13 minutes.

“We all did better than the goals we had set for ourselves. We came 112th, but there was 25 minutes between us and the first place getters,” Mr Taylor said.

Ms Cobb said she was so proud of her teammates.

“For all of us it was something new – mine and Shan’s first tri and Elle’s first team tri. We all got PB’s and did way better than we ever dreamed we could. I wouldn’t have wanted to be there with anyone else by my side,” Ms Cobb said.

The trio were very grateful for the community support and for the crowd cheering them on.

“Having that support means the world to us. I cannot thank the community enough for all of the love and support we have been getting … my heart is definitely full,” Ms Cobb said.

One message the trio hope to instil in their supporters, followers and those struggling with weight loss is that anything is possible.

"You can literally do anything you want if you put your mind to it. Set yourself a goal and do everything you can to make it happen,” Ms Cobb said.

“You don’t have to do tri’s or running, but it’s about finding that thing that makes you strive for the best version of you, and take steps each day to reach it, and most importantly, enjoy it. Live the life you deserve and take control of your future,” Mr Taylor said.

Ms Cobb and Mr Taylor are now training for their own individual triathlons, but the trio plan to take on the Noosa Triathlon together again in 2020.

The weight loss journeys of the trio are on Instagram: @Shannons_story, @finding_lita_x, @elles_journey_to_good_health