Tom Burlinson has performed Sinatra shows for 20 years.
Tom Burlinson has performed Sinatra shows for 20 years. Luka Kauzlaric

Stage star to say goodbye to Sinatra on the Tweed

AFTER a life-long labour of love recreating the magical music of the Sultan of Swoon, stage and screen star Tom Burlinson is ready to make music his way.

While best known as the Man from Snowy River after his star-turn in the 1981 film adaptation of the Banjo Paterson classic, Burlinson has crafted a reputation as the next best thing to Ol' Blue Eyes after being introduced to his music as a child.

After creating the successful Frank - The Sinatra Story in Song tour in 1998, Burlinson went on to front many tours, culminating in the most recent Sinatra at the Sands tour to celebrate his hero's centenary in 2016.

Sinatra's most celebrated recordings, the Sands tour captures the crooner in his prime with hits like Come Fly with Me, I've Got You Under My Skin, and One for My Baby, which Burlinson has enjoyed two years of recreating the 1966 album.

But when opportunity to focus on his own expression came calling, Burlinson realised it was time to shake Sinatra after two decades of stage success.

"After producing my first Sinatra show 20 years ago, it's all turned out far more successful than I could ever have imagined,” said Burlinson, who credits the creation as reviving his career after a trying period in the early 1990s.

"With my love for Sinatra going way, way back, there's a real connection.

"Frank sits on my shoulder when I sing, so the styles are there, but I thought it was time to put that to bed and continue on with my own interpretation of classic songs in that swing style.”

Tom Burlinson returns to the Tweed in November for his farewell to Frank SInatra at the Sands tour.
Tom Burlinson returns to the Tweed in November to farewell his Sinatra at the Sands tour. Contributed

Undertaking a new project fittingly titled Swing That Music, Burlinson has already recorded a classical, jazz and modern CD with the Ed Wilson Big Band and jazz singer Emma Pask.

The partnership has planned a show to take on the road in 2018, after a world premiere in Sydney in April.

"Instead of me singing songs like other people have, this is more of my own expressions in that similar sound,” Burlinson said.

"I'm trying to have my own interpretation and style, but there's no denying what a great interpretation Sinatra is. It's not a bad influence to have as a singer, but I'm also excited about doing the stuff that comes out of me.

"If the tour is successful, I hope we'll be able to to take it to other places (like) Twin Towns.”

However, before that tour launches, Burlinson still has unfinished business with his childhood hero, including a performance at Twin Towns on November 3, which he said offered the perfect location for saying goodbye.

"It wasn't planned (2017 tour), but there was a great reaction to the show and I realised there was a whole other market at the Tweed,” Burlinson said.

"I did a live Sinatra show years ago at Twin Towns, but I've never performed Sinatra at the Sands at Twin Towns, so I thought it would be a great place for it.

"It just seemed to me to be a good way to say farewell. It's a big venue and I hope we get a good audience.”

Tom Burlinson - Sinatra at the Sands

WHERE: Twin Towns

WHEN: Friday, November 3

TICKETS: From $47.