RACING: Speed on Tweed 2010 in Murwillumbah was one of the highlights on the calendar.
RACING: Speed on Tweed 2010 in Murwillumbah was one of the highlights on the calendar. Craig Sadler

Speed on Tweed plans rev up

WHEN it comes to speed, no one likes to get a ticket but the Festival of Speed on Tweed fundraising committee are hoping that their tickets will be selling faster than the cars taking to the Murwillumbah circuit.

A meeting of the committee on Tuesday has finalised details on a proposed major community fundraising drive which will supplement sponsorships needed to see the historic car racing event come to fruition in early September next year.

Having already secured approval of road closures for the event from the Local Traffic Authority, the next major step will be gaining approval of the 1.2km circuit and funding of it.

The Festival of Speed on Tweed committee has been advised that the road closure approvals are a significant step forward for the race meeting to go ahead and secretary of the race meeting Mark Stockwell said the next issue was to get approval of the circuit from the Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS).

"We have had some good news with regard to the cost of establishing the track, down from original figures," Mr Stockwell said.

"We were originally informed the cost would be around $200,000 plus but now, CAMS have come back to tell us it would be around $170,00 to World Rally Championship specifications when the last time the track was used in Murwillumbah.

"Back then, we had high powered rally cars racing around in the time trial and they needed a high standard of safety barriers. This time we would be have vehicles that would not be as quick and powerful and we would be able to use barriers which would not be as expensive to erect.

"We have engaged Gold Coast local Bill Crouch who is a well-respected track inspector for CAMS and Ian Mayberry who is the Clark of Court to help submit our plans for next September.

"What is working in our favour is that the track is established, it has proved to be workable and will be no surprise to the local community because it has been used in previous years.

"We will have the cost to the actual track set up with barriers and safety areas and there will be the need of additional funding to erect perimeter fencing for to help police admission for paying spectators and for security reasons."

To help with the fundraising efforts to support the costs, the committee is proposing a public Festival of Speed On Tweed raffle ticket drive with a substantial cash prize to help fund the track build.

Festival of Speed On Tweed committee chairman Tonny van't Riet said it is proposed that with each ticket, there would be two weekend passes included.

"We had thought about raffling a historic race car but thought this would be a far more flexible prize and to have a one in 500 chance of winning a substantial cash amount is a great incentive to be part of the fundraising drive," Mr van't Reit said.

Details of the raffle will be released in the very near future. For more information, email