Jester (left) and Mia (right) died last week.
Jester (left) and Mia (right) died last week.

Group formed to investigate unexplained dog deaths on Coast

FOLLOWING a spate of unexplained dog deaths, Livingstone Shire Council has formed a working group to investigate the cause.

The Morning Bulletin reported on three dog deaths last week, with one dog owner losing two of his pets, yet there have been reports from other community members of similar deaths of pets following visits to Bangalee Beach.

Yeppoon vet nurse Jo Kunkel said they hadn't seen any more cases since, but were awaiting lab results to find out the cause.

"The lab results take about a week to get back, but we did an autopsy on the young dog and sent that away to see whether it was a baiting or toxin in the water, or a fish," Jo said yesterday.

The working group, which includes senior council local law officers and local veterinarian representatives, was convened on July 2 to discuss the deaths.

Cr Ludwig said at this stage the exact cause of the deaths remained unclear.

"The poisonings may be the result of animals ingesting naturally occurring toxins from dead marine creatures washed up on the beach.

"We also cannot rule out the possibility that human intervention is involved.

"What we do know is that apart from the three dogs which passed away last week, there have been at least two other reported dog deaths under similar circumstance in the past 12 months," he said.

"Council has placed warning signs on Bangalee Beach advising the community to be vigilant."