Rejected Bachelor contestant, Laura Ann.
Rejected Bachelor contestant, Laura Ann. Channel 10

Rejected Bachelorette: ‘Hate you’ Matty J

THE latest woman eliminated from The Bachelor has dyed her hair blonde, escaped to Italy and written on social media that she "hates" Matty J.

Laura-Ann Rullo, 27, hashtagged "hate you" and "bite me" after she was given little love from the Bach on the reality TV show.

Now the criminal lawyer has completely revamped her look and jet setted off to the Almafi Coast.

"This morning I woke up in Italy with blonde hair!" she wrote on Instagram overnight.

But Rullo's exotic trip away comes after she delivered a message to her "ex" Matty J.

"So things didn't go to plan last night, but that's the beauty about life, stumbling into the unexpected adventures, meeting new people who make our heart warm and embracing this rollercoaster we call life," she wrote.

"We are so consumed with planning every stage of our lives that we forget to embrace the very moment we are living in... ride those waves, smile through the turbulence and plan one thing, to have the purest of hearts.

"Now, for the important part of this post: Rookie error not byoing my own rose! Sorry Matty it's not you, it's me. #ex #spreadlove #forevernew #europebound "

Another post said: "I decided against byoing my own rose and casually strolling into the rose ceremony like 'don't worry bae, I got chu' (sic).

"Rose ceremonies... It's a no from me #packingit #hateyou #biteme."

Rullo, who has just under 500 followers on Instagram, also visited a lemon garden during her Italian getaway.

I am like Alice in Wonderland but in a Limone garden 🍋 #limoncello #limone #lemon #Italy #Sorrento

A post shared by Ms Laura-Ann Rullo ( on

"I am like Alice in Wonderland but in a Limone garden," she wrote.

The Bachelor airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10.