Regurgitator are coming to town.
Regurgitator are coming to town. Contributed

Regurgitator thriving on 'Life Support'

WHILE it might seem freaky to think Aussie rock favourites Regurgitator have been in and out of our lives for going on 25 years now, it certainly is a good time to welcome them back again.

Ben Ely, Quan Yeomans and Peter Kostic, the talented trio behind hit singles Polysester Girl and Happiness (Rotting My Brain), have announced the band will come to the Tweed for one night in August.

Regurgitator's Aria Album of the Year-winning Unit was released 20 years ago and the band has been pleasing audiences ever since. 'Pleasing' might seem a non-committal term, but that's exactly what Regurgitator have done for a long time, turning many a punter's average day at a festival or gig into something completely different, with a crafty blend of alternative rock, hip hop, grunge and electronica.

So, as the band puts in their own special lexicon, join them on their Life Support tour and "go for a slip in the deep blue plastic, take a stroll through the open-cut, gulp an inhale of that water favoured gas, bask in that glorious all-over radioactive glow”.

The boys will bring along Canberra's Glitoris and The Stress of Leisure for their Kingy show.

Regurgitator play the Kingscliff Beach Hotel on Friday, August 24. Get in quick to get your tickets at