POPE Francis has been left sporting a black eye after coming off worst in a collision with his biggest protector: the Popemobile.

The Pope was travelling in a cavalcade through a crowd in Cartagena, Columbia when the line of cars suddenly came to a halt.

The lurch threw the 80-year-old into the protective barrier that surrounds his usual position atop of the Popemobile.

However, the accident did little to deter the Pope; receiving some treatment before returning to his duties.

The pontiff was even able to see the funny side of the incident - even through the black eye.

Pope Francis was hurtled into the protective screen surrounding the Popemobile. Vatican Television Center (CTV) via Storyful

"I was punched. I'm fine," he joked afterwards.

But the dark mark under his left eye wasn't the only sign of the run-in with a few drops of blood staining his white cassock.

But the Vatican was quick to allay any fears that the Pope would suffer any long-term damage.

"Ice was applied [to the bruising] and then it was medicated," Vatican spokesperson Greg Burke confirmed.

"He continued without any change to the trip's program."

The Pope was visiting the masses in Cartagena as part of his five-day trip to the South American country.