Driver’s police dob hilariously backfires.
Driver’s police dob hilariously backfires.

Police hit back at dobbing motorist who took photo from car

NO ONE likes a dibber-dobber, not even the police.

One Victorian road user found that out this week when he got an unexpected response after engaging in a little light driver shaming. The motorist took it upon himself to send a photo to the Victorian police Twitter account showing a truck taking up three lanes while stopped at a set of traffic lights.

"Hey Victorian police. It this sort of driving legal on Victorian roads?" he wrote alongside the picture.

A fair question perhaps, but the number one rule when snitching is to make sure your own backyard is clean.

The Victorian police were quick to respond, taking umbrage with how the photo was taken.

"Yes it is illegal to use your mobile phone, including taking photos, while driving and stopped at a red light," police responded.

Perhaps he should have been more specific?

Haha, you played yourself.
Haha, you played yourself.


"Who said that the picture was taken by the driver?" the original poster jokingly quipped in response, suggesting a passenger with "long hands" could've been responsible.

Australian police - who have huge media and communications budgets - are well known for their lighthearted and wise cracking approach to social media. This particular effort went down well with more than 2000 social media users liking the post.

Much to the enjoyment of social media users, the exchange was posted to the Australian subreddit where it attracted more than 900 comments many delighting in the 'self own'.