The dog found on the Woodenbong tip.
The dog found on the Woodenbong tip. RSPCA

Police close in on puppy basher

POLICE are making progress on finding the person who brutally bashed a three-month-old puppy and dumped it in a garbage bin.

The pup was later found almost dead under a pile of rubbish at Woodenbong tip, after the bin was picked up by a garbage truck.

Australians for Animals Northern Rivers convenor Sue Arnold said her organisation had received a tip-off from a member of the public and was working with police on the lead.

"I think we may well have identified who the person is that did this," Ms Arnold said.

Ms Arnold said she believed the perpetrator most likely lived in Bonalbo and was dangerous.

The person who tipped off Australians for Animals told them they did not want to be named out of fear for their safety.

However, any legal case would be severely weakened without formal reports from witnesses willing to be identified, Ms Arnold said.

Animal Rights and Rescue founder and president Barbara Steffensen said much animal abuse on the Northern Rivers was the result of poor allocation of resources.

"From Coffs Harbour to Tweed there is only one (RSPCA) inspector," Ms Steffensen said.

"We can't get an inspector out quick enough to deter anybody from doing it again."

Ms Steffensen said Australians should have to obtain a licence to own animals.

The injured puppy has been closely monitored at a Killarney vet clinic for the past two weeks and Ms Arnold said its condition had improved.

The vet will continue to monitor the pup until any long-term damage can be determined.

Anyone with information regarding the injured pup should call Australians for Animals on 6680 3674 or the RSPCA on 9770 7555 or 1300 278 3589.

Callers' personal details will remain confidential.