A Mercedes is pulled from the Burnett River at Sandy Hook.
A Mercedes is pulled from the Burnett River at Sandy Hook. Mikayla Haupt

PHOTOS: Merc no longer thirsty after being towed from river

BETWEEN a diver, crane and tow truck the submerged silver SLK 200 Mercedes-Benz was recovered Wednesday afternoon.

Steve Coates was the salvage diver on the scene and after using the grappling hook only recovered a log Mr Coates began to swim in a "grid pattern" in order to find the vehicle.

The car was found at approximately 3.20pm, about an hour after the diver arrived.

Manning the crane and aiding Mr Coates was Phillip and Adam Murrell from Murrell's Bundaberg Crane & Truck Hire.

Adam Murrell said while this type of retrieval isn't new to him, this is the first for the year.

"It went well, all the planning came off and it was safe," Mr Murrell said.

"I feel sorry for the lady losing the car, hopefully we don't have many more for the year.

"The biggest issue is that we didn't know where it was, but once we located it, it took no time at all to get it out."

Mr Murrell said the vehicle will now go to the smash repairers and in the hands of the insurance company.

How the car got there is still unconfirmed.