RATS IN TOWN: Phil Taylor from Taylor Made Cars in Murwillumbah.
RATS IN TOWN: Phil Taylor from Taylor Made Cars in Murwillumbah.

Phil takes aim at rat infested, fire hazard claim

A PETITION has been lodged supporting Tweed Shire Council's crackdown on Murwillumbah identity Phil Taylor's car yard, describing it as rat-infested and, along with his Colin St home, a potential fire-hazard.

The petition, signed by 44 people and lodged at the last month's council meeting on March 20, reads: "Not only does the property appear to be a breeding ground for vermin but could also be a potential fire risk.

"A property in Colin St, South Murwillumbah is also a dumping ground for derelict vehicles and at times the overflow into the street could pose a safety risk.

"We urge council to do all in its power to curb these problems in the interest of ambience, health and safety and potential fire hazard."

Mr Taylor said council had already issued him with about $2000 worth of fines at his car yard and he had removed a lot of the car wrecks from outside his Colin St home.

He said the only one likely to be hurt by a fire at either property was himself and he denied there was a rat problem.

"The only rats around here are the people who've signed the petition," he said.

"Why didn't they come and see me?

"The people who didn't sign it came and saw me."

A spokesman for council general manager Troy Green said council staff would continue to meet with Mr Taylor to discuss issues at his car yard and his outstanding parking fines as well as any other new problems that may arise.