Phil Taylor with some of his thousands of cans he recycles every year.
Phil Taylor with some of his thousands of cans he recycles every year. Blainey Woodham

Dear Editor: Petition’s about the mess, not the person

Petition's about the mess, not the person

AS part of "the small group disparaging" Phil Taylor, we would like to say to David Lovegrove that there was never an issue with Mr Taylor's generosity to charities and organisations, or his friendship with battlers.

The petition was not about Mr Taylor personally, as we believe he is community-minded and have no doubt about his generosity.

The petition was in relation to the visual aspect of his property and the general concerns for his and others' general health and safety.

However, generosity and friendship or being "a charming eccentric" does not give Mr Taylor the right to keep his premises in the state which he keeps them.

Does Mr Lovegrove, being an artist (a group known for its eccentricity), keep his property in the same state as the eccentric Mr Taylor?

Also, does it mean that charming, charitable eccentrics can park unregistered, discarded vehicles on the road and fill their properties with junk?

As residents of River St, we walk and drive past Mr Taylor's property on a daily basis and Mr Taylor's property is a visual blight for us as well as visitors, tourists and citizens entering this town.

Peter J Brack



RBT equipment not up to scratch

ON TUESDAY morning, April 29, at 9am, an RBT was set up near the Condong sugar mill.

A 58-year-old male motorist was pulled over for testing.

His reading said he was 0.01.

The driver asked the officer to do it again and again it read 0.01.

This was impossible as the driver hadn't had a drink in over five years nor used mouthwash.

So he asked the officer to do the test on himself, which he did.

It also read 0.01.

After checking the driver's brand new tyres he was sent on his way.

The driver noticed that the officer did nothing to replace the faulty equipment so if anyone returned a reading of 0.06 that morning I think you have a good argument in court.

Name withheld

Tweed Heads


Only solution is the death penalty

WHEN we read about the murder of innocent children, about innocent women who were raped and then murdered, those who are innocent who have been king hit in the head (which can cause brain damage for life or death), as well as criminals who are involved in growing, importing or selling large quantities of illegal drugs, it's about time our government brings back the death penalty. 

Failure to do so will see all those serious crimes continue to increase.

J Gray


My Gov wasting taxpayer funds

THOSE who may not know, a number of government services now are under one umbrella on online.

So instead of signing into Medicare, Centrelink, etc., you register under My Gov.

After not receiving my new Medicare card, I started to subscribe to My Gov.

After 20 minutes or so, where I got to fill out my own security questions to ascertain my identity, I logged back in and was asked these questions as proof of identification.

I was told I had answered incorrectly, so they logged me out and I could not use the site.

I ended up phoning Medicare and it was sorted out in five minutes.

But I went back in and reset my security questions. One was what was the best gift I had been given. I answered a $3000 bottle of wine, after which I was immediately logged out, saying that no such evidence could be found.

My Gov, give it a miss, use morse code. A waste of taxpayer money.

David Burdon

Tweed Heads

Aussies lose out on resource boom

IN MY earlier years I used to think how lucky Australia was with the galaxy of natural resources we had.

But gradually I came to learn that we locals do not necessarily enjoy the benefits of those resources.

The latest evidence is that NSW customers of gas are facing hefty price increases because overseas gas exports from Queensland are creating shortages for our East Coast users, resulting in higher prices.

If only we had governments with the gumption to ensure that Australians enjoy the advantage of utilising the natural resources we own, by having the lowest prices and continuity of supplies.

Jim Banks

Pottsville Beach