Peter Andre is battling COVID-19.
Peter Andre is battling COVID-19.

Peter Andre’s ‘absolute COVID agony’

Former pop star Peter Andre said he's still struggling with his coronavirus battle and he just wants to sleep "all the time".

The England-born star, who moved to Australia when he was six and had a successful pop career here in the 90s, has been "extremely tired and unwell" after contracting the virus last week.

The Mysterious Gir l singer, 47, shared a video of himself wiped out on the sofa, face mask on as he tries to recover. He captioned the clip: "One thing I will say with this virus. It makes you want to sleep, sleep, sleep."

Peter Andre rests up.
Peter Andre rests up.

Peter had earlier documented his test and subsequent battle with Covid on his YouTube channel.

The clip starts with Peter driving into the test centre, with both he and his GP wife Emily insisting that they don't think he has coronavirus, but they are being cautious.

Revealing that he was "incredibly achey" and had "a cough", Peter told the camera that he thinks he'd caught germs from his four-year-old son Theo.

Emily agreed: "If I was a gambling woman, I'd say you probably caught a virus from Theo and it isn't Covid."


Peter Andre opens up about his COVID battle.
Peter Andre opens up about his COVID battle.

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As his symptoms worsened, Pete was still adamant that his test would be negative, filming from his bed as he shared: "I woke up this morning, I haven't got my results back yet, when I woke up today I was aching all over.

"I was in absolute agony … But I don't think it's coronavirus - my coughing has subsided and I haven't had a temperature. Either way, I don't think it is coronavirus."

The Gimme Little Sign hitmaker was then understandably gobsmacked to receive a positive test, but shared his gratitude that he wasn't suffering the way others with coronavirus have.

He said: "It goes to show it could be anything. I am very grateful that I got this version of it, it's not pleasant but I am very, very lucky as I have got a cousin who is still on oxygen in hospital and it really freaks me out.

"Hopefully this doesn't get any worse."


Peter Andre: “Hopefully this doesn’t get any worse.”
Peter Andre: “Hopefully this doesn’t get any worse.”

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Wife Emily previously battled coronavirus last year, isolating from the rest of the family as she slept in a different bedroom to Pete.

The pair married in 2015 and they have two children together; Amelia, seven and four-year-old Theo.

Peter's older children from his previous marriage to Katie Price, Princess, 13, and Junior, 15, also live with them.



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