Pauline Hanson’s toilet paper solution as shoppers panic buy


Pauline Hanson has offered a novel solution as Australia's toilet paper stockpiling pandemonium continues.

The One Nation leader said people who live in the outback use gum leaves instead of loo roll, as she slammed those who are hoarding it as "idiots".

She added those who ran out of toilet paper could also rinse themselves off in the shower.


Pauline Hanson speaks out against calls for a zero alcohol limit for drivers. Picture: Today/Channel 9
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

"I tell you what if you can't do that then get in the bloody shower and wash yourself down for Christ's sake," Ms Hanson told the Today show.

"I can't believe how people are going berserk over this whole thing.

"They're idiots. People have become so precious these days."

Ms Hanson also said the coronavirus outbreak should serve as "a wake up call" to the Federal Government and businesses.

"I think they need to have a hard look at themselves about encouraging manufacturing and industry in Australia," she said.

"Make ourselves self-reliant instead of relying on product from overseas. I hope that we start looking at that now in light of the coronavirus."