The cost of getting a tattoo could rise under anti-bikie red tape.
The cost of getting a tattoo could rise under anti-bikie red tape. Mike Richards GLA021013TATT

Parlours facing red ink as Queensland bikie laws bite

THEY say a cheap tattoo is never good, and a good tattoo is never cheap.

But with the introduction of a new bill introduced into Queensland Parliament aimed at stamping out bikie gangs, even cheap tattoos could be a thing of the past.

Sunshine Coast tattoo parlours fear the new Queensland Tattoo Parlours Bill 2013 will mean more paperwork and charges for them, driving up the cost of tattoos to their customers.

The bill contains a new licensing regime for tattoo parlours and artists, aimed at driving out any association between the industry and outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Speaking with local tattoo artists who preferred not to be named, some welcomed the bill's intentions but suggested it was overcomplicated, while others said it was an overreaction that would not solve the problem.

Owner of Ink Attack in Bokarina, Damien Wickham, said although he would need a solicitor to look over the lengthy 66-page Tattoo Parlours Bill, he was all for it if it did the industry good in the long run.

"I'm an owner-operator who has nothing to do with the bikie side of things, so it does feel a bit like we're being targeted and made out to be the bad guys," he said.

"I hope it does have the desired effect though. There are people in the industry that don't belong here."

Mr Wickham also raised concerns that he could see Ink Attack and other parlours and artists facing heftier charges as a result of the new bill.

"I can definitely see the costs of tattoos having to go up as a result," he said.

Would a serious price rise stop you getting a tattoo?

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