P-plater’s terrifying game of ‘chicken’


Another terrifying video of a teenager filming their dangerous driving and uploading it all to Snapchat has emerged.

NSW Police say it's only a matter of time before they charge the Sydney P-plater after she posted videos of herself hitting 160km/h on winding roads.

The videos show the teen screaming and filming her speedometer as her male passenger sits terrified. In parts of the video, the teen drifts onto the wrong side of the road as her car navigates the bends.


The young woman posted her driving on Snapchat. Picture: 7 News
The young woman posted her driving on Snapchat. Picture: 7 News


"That's f**ked, 160," he can be heard saying.

Later, the young male admits, "I won't lie to you, you're f***ing scaring me".

Instead of pulling over, the teen driver taunts her male passenger.

"I didn't know Brady was such a p**sy," she says.

The Snapchat video was spotted by a concerned parent, who sent it to the police and the media.

The footage left NSW Police horrified.

Chief Inspector Phillip Brooks from the Traffic and Highway Command told 7News they already had the teenager's name and details and her "dangerous and risky" behaviour was not going to be tolerated.

"Anyone who sees this video would find it quite shocking," Insp Brooks said.

"This is a very foolish act, a young person on her phone in her vehicle with a passenger who is quite obviously scared,"




At the end of the video, the teen admits to being pulled over by the police on the night of her Snapchat rampage.

"Well, I thought this night couldn't get any worse," she said.

"Pulled over by the cops, almost spinned my car twice and now I have a f***ing flat tyre.

"Just a word of advice, don't try and drift an all-wheel-drive Subaru."

The girl's videos are eerily similar to a Snapchat story uploaded by friends of Shania McNeill.

Ms McNeill, 21, died in a head-on collision moments after she was filmed driving dangerously, swerving into oncoming traffic and playing "chicken" with other cars.


Shania McNeill moments before the crash and the aftermath.
Shania McNeill moments before the crash and the aftermath.


Police investigated the Snapchat video that allegedly showed Ms McNeill in the driver's seat, posing for the camera while the engine revs loudly and a passenger screams, "Shania!"

Ms McNeill then momentarily changes expression from looking happy to looking scared and shocked before the camera pans to the ground and the video cuts out.

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Oncoming headlights can be seen at the beginning of the video.

The video was posted to Snapchat by Ms McNeill's friend Faeda Hunter, who was a passenger in the Suzuki that crashed in late April, killing Ms McNeil and injuring five others.


Shania McNeill died in the crash.
Shania McNeill died in the crash.