This 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT Hard Top RPO 83 Manual Coupe sold for $300,909.
This 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT Hard Top RPO 83 Manual Coupe sold for $300,909.

Old Falcon fetched an eye-watering price at auction

THE adage that beauty is the eye of the beholder was in full effect on Wednesday night when a 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT found rotting in a Gatton shed sold at auction for $300,909.

The sale price is a vast appreciation on the few thousand dollars that the previous owner paid when he bought it new.

The car was listed for sale through GraysOnline after the owner passed away in December 2019.

Rian Gaffy, from the auction house's classic car division, said it was no surprise that the Falcon XA GT Hard Top RPO 83 manual coupe fetched such a high price.

"It is probably the only RPO in Australia that had never been pulled apart," he said.

"It is dead original and if someone wants something super rare they will pay."

The Falcon was built with parts from a select group of high-powered Fords that the Australian government had made illegal a few years prior.

Its first owner drove the Falcon for about 10 years, before insurance and fuel became too costly.

He then stored it in a shed at his property near Gatton.

The story goes that he was frustrated by birds making it their home, so he wrapped it in chicken wire.

Mr Gaffy said this was how it got the nickname 'The Chicken Coupe.'

"Hundreds of stories have been written about this car and there has been lot of people try to buy it," he said.

The listing had more than 150,000 views online, while Mr Gaffy had about 8-10 calls daily from potential buyers.

"We were getting calls even before it was officially listed for sale."

In the end a South Australian man won the auction.

Mr Gaffy's advice to the new owner was to do a minimal amount of work.

"Clean it up, fix up the interior and get all the bird poo out, get it running but do not touch the bodywork."




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