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Nicole Richie does a juice cleanse every week

NICOLE Richie has reportedly been having a weekly juice cleanse, drinking just six green juice concoctions throughout the designated day.

It has been claimed the 32-year-old star has been keeping in shape by going on a weekly juice cleanse, during which she eats no actual food.

Nicole allegedly drinks six green juices - which are packed with healthy, natural ingredients - over the course of the designated day forgoing solids.

A source told Yahoo! omg!: "Nicole gets her food from Zen Foods [in] LA, and does a juice cleanse every week, which obviously just makes her drop weight."

However, sources close to the former 'Simple Life' star say Nicole - who has two daughters, Harlow, five, and four-year-old Sparrow, with husband Joel Madden - isn't trying to lose weight, rather she does the juice cleanses for the health benefits.

The insider added: "Nicole doesn't have a big appetite and even juice fills her up fast. She likes that she keeps healthy and mostly does the cleanses for health - but it's also a strong guide for watching her weight."