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Newman urges councils to get on board with Queensland Plan

PREMIER Campbell Newman has urged local councils to get behind the State Government's Queensland Plan to prepare for more growth.

Mr Newman spoke at the Local Government Association of Queensland annual conference in Cairns on Wednesday.

He appealed to all councils to get behind the state's 30-year plan, which covers everything from population growth to education and trade for Queensland.

Mr Newman described the plan as a "seismic shift" in the State Government's planning for the future.

He said he was expecting an extra 4 million people to move to the state, in areas outside of south-east Queensland, by 2043.

Key priorities of the plan include creating more attractive regions for people to live in and creating communities that are "well-planned and well-connected".

Despite the long-standing struggle for councils to fund all their responsibilities, Mr Newman said local governments should be proactive in pursuing the priorities of the plan.

He said some councils were not active enough in pursuing "innovative funding models", indicating all councils were sitting on a "gold mine" in terms of potential income from land.