HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Nellie Johnson will celebrate her 100th birthday on November 14.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Nellie Johnson will celebrate her 100th birthday on November 14. Kate Dodd

Nellie celebrates 100 wonderful years

WHEN she was little, Nellie Johnson remembered her father carrying her out to see a comet.

He told her: "Look, see that tail!"

She said it was a wonderful sight, looking out at all of the stars across the sky.

"No comet has been as wonderful since," she said.

That is one of Mrs Johnson's fondest memories and now, a week before her 100th birthday, she can still remember that comet in the sky.

Mrs Johnson was born at Curramulka at Yorkes' Peninsula on November 14, 1916.

She was the third child of Jessie and Frank Wheare and lived on the farm at Black Point until she was 20-years-old.

She went to school at Pine Point and she received her Qualifying Certificate and Standard education inside the Memorial Hall.

She received her religious education at the Methodist Church, becoming a member at 12-years-old.

In 1927, she went to Adelaide to see the Duke and Duchess of York when they visited.

The Depression affected any higher education she might have received, so she helped people where they needed it.

She met her husband-to-be Cecil Johnson when she was in Parilla, helping her Auntie Stella.

During their four-year engagement, she helped her Grandma Pearce in Beulah Park.

She also enjoyed singing in the choir at East Parade Methodist Church and attended Sunday School and Girl Comrades at Norwood Wesley.

She and Mr Johnson were married on February 5, 1941 at the Pine Point Methodist Church.

They lived on a farm, four mile south of Parilla, for 15 years.

They had three children - Douglas Neil Johnson, born in 1941, Brenda Jocelyn Campbell, born in 1944 and Aileen Claire Haldane, born in 1947.

The family bought another farm where Douglas lived after he was married and Mr and Mrs Johnson built a house in Parilla.

In 1975 Mr Johnson died at 63-years-old. Mrs Johnson moved to Kerang in Victoria to be closer to her daughter.

In 1984, the family moved to Toowoomba.

There, a home was built, which included a two-bedroom unit for Mrs Johnson.

She lived there for 16 years and then the family moved to another home in South Toowoomba, where she had a lovely garden.

Gardening was a major part of her life, as was also crocheting and knitting.

When she was 96-years-old, Mrs Johnson moved into Blue Care's Kingswood Hostel.

She will celebrate her 100th birthday next Saturday , with many of her friends and family.