The photo in question on Pieter Hanson's Facebook account.
The photo in question on Pieter Hanson's Facebook account.

Navy mum’s tweet causes son global humiliation

THE proud mother of a US Navy veteran has unwittingly embarrassed her son on a global scale, after her post about his struggled in a #MeToo world went viral.

In a since-deleted tweet Marla Reynolds praised her upstanding son who she said was living in fear of "radical feminists with an axe to grind".

The tweet came in the aftermath of the bitter war waged over Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the US Supreme Court, and US President Donald Trump declaring it "a very scary time for young men in America".

It's a sentiment the proud mother clearly agrees with, saying her "gentleman" son "won't go on solo dates due to the current climate".

The tweet featured an image of Ms Reynold's son Pieter Hanson in Navy attire striking a pose, accompanied by a caption featuring the now-viral hashtag #HimToo.

Mr Hanson appeared to disagree with his mother, distancing himself from the inflammatory tweet.

Following the fallout, he appeared on the social media platform under the handle @thatwasmymom.

In response to his mother's very public parental misstep he posted a photo recreating the pose, and denounced the #HimToo hashtag saying he "respects and believes women" adding: "Sometimes the people we love do things that hurt us without realising it."

His brother had earlier come to his defence, saying: "My mom is crazy, he never said any of those things."

The tweet, however, had already unleashed an avalanche response from opponents of #HimToo, many who hilariously recreated the post to feature a range of alternate "sons". Among the best: the centre of our solar system, Norman Bates, Napoleon Dynamite and Brett Kavanaugh himself.