Lismore MP Janelle Saffin.
Lismore MP Janelle Saffin. Rick Koenig

Murwillumbah schools neglected in budget

THE NSW Opposition has given the Berejiklian Government an "F for fail" after it was revealed upgrades to schools in Murwillumbah had no details attached to them in the latest budget.

According to a statement from Lismore MP Janelle Saffin, page upon page of schools in the budget's infrastructure statement carry no start date, completion date or budget figures.

In the Lismore electorate, Bexhill Public School, Murwillumbah East Public School and Murwillumbah High School have no detail next to them.

Labor education spokesman Jihad Dib said the budget papers were a huge disappointment for families and communities who were waiting to find out when work on their school would progress.

"This government has a track record for receiving an A for making big announcements but it gets an F for 'fail' when it comes to delivery," Mr Dib said.

He said the budget "didn't have any detail two years ago, and they don't have any detail today".

"This is a cynical exercise by the Government that will leave communities across the state angry and disappointed," he said.

He said communities had every right to question the Government's commitment.

"Given where the budget is going to be in 4 years' time, there is every likelihood that some of those schools will never be built and that some of those upgrades will never take place. That is a broken promise on a massive scale," Mr Dib said.

He said of the State Government's 190 promised new or upgraded schools, 117 have no start or completion date and 22 schools listed in the planning phase were also listed in the planning phase last year.