KFC Kirwan being sued
KFC Kirwan being sued

Mum sues KFC over undercooked food claims

A TOWNSVILLE mother is suing a KFC store, claiming it sold her undercooked food which left her with intestinal infections and her young son ill.

Alyssa Lee said she bought food from the KFC Kirwan store on April 16 in the evening, as a treat for her family who were was watching Harry Potter films.

"I had eaten two pieces and it wasn't until I was breaking a piece off a thigh for my two-year-old that I noticed it was red and not normal," she said.

Ms Lee claims she immediately called the store, but no one picked up. She tried again the next day, but only managed to get in contact two days later on April 18.

"Finally on the second day of trying someone answered and they asked me to send through the pictures," she said.

"I sent them through to a mobile number and didn't receive a reply so I went down to the store."

Ms Lee said the store manager filled out an incident report and asked her if she wanted a refund or replacement.

"Things escalated from there and I became incredibly unwell," she said.

The mother was left with food poisoning, and medical documents seen by the Townsville Bulletin confirm she was also diagnosed with three stomach infections and a parasite.

"I was sick for about four weeks and had to go on three rounds of medication but I still experience bouts of nausea and vomiting now three months on," Ms Lee said. "When it was worst, I had my head in a toilet bowl most of the day. If I wasn't in the toilet I was in bed.

"I had to ask friends and family to look after my son because I couldn't."

After contacting Collins Foods Limited, the company operating restaurant chains including KFC, she was told to write a letter of demand.

"It's not an isolated incident. It's a lot worse. I had one gentleman contact me who found plastic in his chicken, another lady sent through photos of metal shards in her chicken and they told her it was probably from the metal rack in the ovens," Ms Lee said.

Shine Lawyers solicitor Glenn Brown, who is representing Ms Lee, said she was still experiencing ongoing symptoms and is seeking compensation.

"The claim has been made directly against the store via the relevant legislation, and has not yet been brought before the courts. If the claim is unable to be resolved satisfactorily, we would need to commence proceedings in court, which might be 12 months down the track," Mr Brown said.

"We are aware of similar instances and have been informed there are other KFC customers set to contact us about similar experiences.

"Stringent consumer law protections exist in Queensland for that very reason, and we are there to assist those who have been injured when those standards are not met."

Collins Foods and the KFC store were contacted for comment but did not respond.