MYSTICAL: Misty morning shot over Clarrie Hall Dam.
MYSTICAL: Misty morning shot over Clarrie Hall Dam. Ryan Fowler Photography

Misty mornings strike eerie chord

SHROUDED in an air of mystery on a cool winter's morning, the sun rises and illuminates the mist on the water at the Clarrie Hall Dam. With mirror-like reflections and an eerie calmness, watching the golden colour of the sun start to reflect and catch in the tops of the trees was an amazing experience.

The thought process behind the image was to capture the full atmosphere of the surroundings while still showing the level of depth through the shot. With the tree stump and the tiny leaf just peaking out of the water and creating a double of themselves in the reflection, they offered a perfect foreground while the mist and trees made for the mid-ground and background.

A little patience was involved as well with capturing this. The mist was moving at quite a speed which meant it took a few frames to get the right framing around the trees and enough visibility for the whole scene.

My settings were ISO50, f/11 and 1/125ss.

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