Help the Daily News Movember team the Lipshifts by donating.
Help the Daily News Movember team the Lipshifts by donating. Tagan Williams

Men bristling with excitement

MEET the Lipshifts.

They are a likely bunch of Daily News journalists and photographers united by one cause: Movember.

They, like millions of people across the world, have rallied behind men's health - Beyond Blue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia.

More than 3000 men die from prostate cancer in Australia each year - equal to to the toll from breast cancer in women, a cause the boys are also keen to throw some money at.

In the first week, the Lipshifts managed to raise $60, but they have a long way to go to reach their target of $1000 and you can help.

Visit, click the donate tab and type in Lipshifts.

Photographer, doubling as team captain Blainey Woodham, gathered his band of merry men for a photo on Tuesday - after turning down a photo request last week because the boys felt they needed more time to condition their facial growth.

"I managed to collect a couple of hundred dollars on my own last year," he said.

"This year bulk numbers is the go."

The team captain said he was confident in his face's ability to grow bushy lip brush.

"I'm going for the Mexican cowboy," he said.

That brings us to journalists David Stuart and Troy Kippen - formerly bearded characters who arrived at work on Movember 1, with pre-prepared mo's - something that if you look closely at the rules is called cheating.

"It is for a good cause and that is all that matters," they argued.

David - ever the moral character - ended up taking to his fine moustache with a razor last week.

"Up until now my moustaches have been temporary remnants of beards," he said.

"This is the first time I'm lovingly crafting a moustache from nothing."

Fellow journo Colin Gilmore is making the most of the hairy situation.

"The idea of saddling the boss with an entire newsroom of hairy-nose-underliners was simply too amusing to pass up," he said.

"The only problem is people are looking at me strangely much more than they used to, but I tend to assume if they're men they're just jealous, and if they're women they're simply admiring my manly upper lip growth."