National's candidate Matthew Fraser.
National's candidate Matthew Fraser. John Gass

Matthew Fraser refutes logging in national parks claim

FEDERAL Greens candidate Dawn Walker has challenged Richmond Nationals candidate Matthew Fraser to come clean on his party's position on logging in national parks.

It comes after Page Nationals candidate Kevin Hogan and Nationals senate candidate Barnaby Joyce appeared to leave open the possibility for national parks to be logged.

"There are certainly parts of our forest network around our national parks that you don't want them to go into and I don't think there would be certain parts of our national parks that they would want to go into,' Mr Hogan told NBN television news this week.

In the same story Mr Joyce said: "I believe in people having jobs. I believe in a timber industry. I believe the green Labor Party stands behind shutting down the timber industry."

Ms Walker said local national parks including Wollumbin, Mebbin and Goonengerry, along with Wollumbin and Whian Whian state conservation areas and parts of Nightcap National Park could be at risk under the National Party.

"We need to know if a vote for an Abbott government is a vote for logging national parks. Matthew Fraser needs to be clear with the electorate on this issue."

But Mr Fraser rejected the claims as Greens scare mongering.

Mr Fraser said the National Party had no policy to log national parks.

"Just because Barnaby Joyce says he wants to protect jobs in the timber industry it's a long bow for the Greens to claim national parks are at risk," Mr Fraser said.

He counter-challenged Ms Walker to share the Greens policy on creating jobs.

Liberal Premier Barry O'Farrell was this month forced to deny his government was planning to introduce commercial logging in national parks after an upper house inquiry recommended the state government consider tenure swaps between national parks and state forests in order to increase wood supply.