Luke Ogilvie.
Luke Ogilvie.

Ogilvie murder hearing

TWO brothers accused of killing a Bilambil Heights man in a drug rip-off gone wrong have pleaded not guilty to murder.

Andrew Biffin and Benjamin Biffin are accused of murdering Luke Ogilvie in Bilambil Heights in March last year and setting Ogilvie's caravan on fire.

Two other men, Nicholas McCulloch and Graham Smith, were also charged with the murder.

Benjamin Biffin is also accused of stealing Mr Ogilvie's Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Benjamin Biffin, 31, is charged with murder, assault with intent to rob in company and cause grievous bodily harm, destroy property in fire in company, larceny and steal property from dwelling.

He pleaded not guilty to all offences in the Sydney Supreme Court yesterday.

Andrew Biffin, 29, is charged with murder, destroy property in company in fire and assault with intent to rob in company and cause grievous bodily harm. He also pleaded not guilty to all offences.

During a committal hearing in the Lismore Magistrate's Court in August, Smith's ex-girlfriend, Brittany Clarke, said all four accused talked about going to "get the job done" hours before they went to Ogilvie's house.

The witness alleged the four accused went to the deceased's house and then returned to Smith's house - where she remained - in the early hours of March 26.

Forty-five minutes later the Biffin brothers and McCulloch asked Smith to go back to the house to "clean up evidence or whatever", Ms Clarke alleged.