The Patterson Family on one of the spectacular lots they have for sale. left to right- Allen and Judy, Kids Joanne, Ricky and Tim.
The Patterson Family on one of the spectacular lots they have for sale. left to right- Allen and Judy, Kids Joanne, Ricky and Tim. Blainey Woodham / TWE220112cve

Live the dream at Cobaki

LIVING in a little Cobaki valley surrounded by protected sub-tropical rainforest.

Living on several acres overlooking sun-dappled dams and tree tops, less than 30 minutes from both Coolangatta and Kingscliff.

It sounds like a dream.

For land costing just under or about $500,000 you can live the dream at Cobaki Valley Estate.

Judy and Allen Patterson bought the 80 hectare property 20 years ago for about $500,000, then settled down to farm and raise their three children.

"We had a fruit stall out the front," Mr Patterson said.

"We were pretty well known for that; it was sort of like a meeting place, you couldn't move down there."

Mrs Patterson said it was a wonderful base from which kids Joanne, Tim and Ricky could go to school.

"Now the kids are all grown up, and we wanted to retire, but we wanted to still stay here so we decided to sub-divide.

"For 20 years we worked seven days a week because, being on a farm, you can get tied down a bit."

Sub-division, marketing and sales for Cobaki Valley Estate have "more-or-less" been done by the Pattersons alone, with a little help from friend in real estate.

"Nobody really knows Cobaki exists," Mrs Patterson said.  "But we're only a stone's throw from everything.

"We've sort of been hidden away and we want to let people know they can share in it.

"Each block is pretty private, the estate is surrounded by protected land, it's about 10km to the Tweed and it takes about 15 minutes to get to the airport."

Lots five, six and the Patterson's house - which they are downsizing from within the estate - have been sold, while lot two is awaiting a deposit.

Which leaves six heavenly havens in the hills available, Mrs Patterson said.

"Once people buy here I'm sure they won't want to move."

Mr Patterson said it took four years simply to get the development application approved.

"He's into challenges," Mrs Patterson broke in.  "We don't want any more challenges.

"It was a big decision to sell the house - this is not replaceable in Tweed.

"But the kids will still have somewhere to come back to."

She said each lot except one had views of about three dams on the estate, it was a great place for children and owners would have space to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

"It'll have a community feel, without being in everyone's pocket."

Mr Patterson said wallabies were regularly seen in the early morning, then ducks and "all sorts of things in the evening".

"You've just got to get out of the car, walk the block and visualise how things could be.

"The landscaping's done: you can leave it the way it is, or do more.

"Once you've built you could sell in a couple of years and make a lot of money on it."

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