Brisbane Lions captain Jonathan Brown.
Brisbane Lions captain Jonathan Brown. Kari Bourne

Lions on hunt for talent akin to forward Jonathan Brown

THE hunt to find the next Jonathan Brown at the Brisbane Lions is well and truly underway.

But a succession plan to find a forward to match the toughness and ability of the Lion King is never easy, according to the club's talent manager, Rob Kerr.

"We have to factor in what the forward line is going to look like post-Jonathan Brown, (but) key forwards are the hardest things to find in the draft. Most of them are taken in the top 10," he said.

"I think Kurt Tippett is one exception. He was drafted a little later, and I think Sydney's Sam Reid was either late 20s or early 30s."

Finding a ready-made key forward in the state leagues has also proven difficult, with Geelong's James Podsiadly a rare success story.

"We've gone and looked at state leagues," Kerr said.

"But with the modern system and the way that talent is developed, your best opportunity to find a genuine key forward prospect is through the draft."

The Lions are hopeful one or more of club's developing options - including Jordan Lisle, Aaron Cornelius, Michael Close, Sam Michael and Jordon Bourke - can emerge as a long-term proposition.