Lindsay Lohan had a rehab lover

Lindsay Lohan
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LINDSAY Lohan allegedly had a lover in rehab.

'The Canyons' actress recently completed a 90-day court-ordered stint in rehab at Cliffside Malibu treatment centre in California where she is said to have hooked up with a 23-year-old male patient.

A source who was at the facility at same time told website RadarOnline: "Prior to Lindsay's arrival I was roommates with the guy who ended up dating her. When she came, the first or second day they ended up kissing and it was on from there."

The pair flaunted their romance which upset other patients and led to Lindsay's latest man being asked to leave the facility.

The source added: "Everybody in rehab knew they were dating. It was pretty obvious. But the guy eventually got kicked out because of Lindsay.

"The guy who owns Cliffside slacked on the rules for Lindsay, but they got cocky with their relationship and people got uncomfortable with the situation, saying they couldn't do that stuff when people are trying to get well."

The mystery man was sent to a all-male treatment facility, but the pair are reportedly still enjoying their romance.

The source added: "They're still together now. They go to meetings outside and she meets him there. She still talks to him every day."

The affair has come to light a day after it was discovered Chaka Khan had been at Cliffside at the same time as Lindsay, but left because of her

"diva behaviour".

She has since responded on Facebook, writing: "To choose to do what is necessary to better one's self is commendable. I applaud Lindsay Lohan for doing the work. She is a lovely young lady and I pray for her well-being."

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