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Pop princess Kylie Minogue is a master at cooking up a hit and has now turned her attention to boosting her kitchen skills at home with partner Paul Solomons.

Having wavered between loving to roll up her sleeves and create meals to loathing it and back again, Minogue says she is in a love phase and enjoys nothing more than spending hours on end mastering her favourite recipes.

Kylie Minogue with her new wine, Signature Rose.
Kylie Minogue with her new wine, Signature Rose.

And she also revealed her go-to dish to wow Solomons, an art director at British GQ, plus her tips on how to make a dinner party with friends sing.

"I am an okay cook, I am also happy to do the dishes and set the table," Minogue says. "I am no Nigella Lawson, that is for sure. I keep it simple. The kitchen is the heart of the home."

Minogue is speaking via Zoom from London to celebrate the launch of her Signature Rose wine in Australia. Her go-to recipe is baked salmon, topped with salty Japanese-style umami paste to give it "some pizzazz", with sides of asparagus and potatoes.

"I think one of the easiest and healthiest and most satisfying things you can do is baked fillet of fish," she says. "It is super easy and warming and delicious. My cooking history has been up and down. I didn't cook, then I did when I first moved to London, I really enjoyed cooking. And then I think I just got out of the habit, I was travelling, I was on tour, I wasn't at home in the kitchen. I was something of a family joke for a while because my brother and sister are great cooks."


When feeling more adventurous, Minogue and Solomons like to put their touch on Rockpool Bar & Grill's spanner crab, roast cherry tomato and spicy prawn oil with handmade semolina noodles.

"That is one dish my boyfriend and I love to make," she says. "We do our version, which has no spanner crab and no semolina noodles. It is just regular crab in the UK because we don't get spanner crab here, prawns and linguine. That takes us hours, no joke. We have kind of adapted it, which I think is one of the great things about cooking, follow your nose and do whatever. You kind of can't mess it up really."

Kylie Minogue, as a child with sister Dannii, jokes that she is the worst cook in her family.
Kylie Minogue, as a child with sister Dannii, jokes that she is the worst cook in her family.

While Minogue admits to struggling with cooking in the past, she is a whiz at setting the mood for a dinner party. Her tips include lighting candles, setting up a fire and having the table set.

With the Signature Rose, the two worlds have collided for Minogue who has spent much of the year working on the project, years in the making, in lockdown. The idea arose from a balmy alfresco meal in Nashville.

"I am still the person who can be intimidated looking at the wine list and that is part of what is good about this journey. People are asking if I consider myself a wine maker or a vintner now and I am like, 'no'. It is a journey for me as well to learn about wine and the process.

Musically, Minogue has a lot to celebrate. Her new album, Disco, has drawn rave reviews.

"You are never quite sure in the build-up how it is going to go but it has been fantastic. I am blown away. Musically you don't know until it is out and reaches the people what life it is going to have and the fact it has had great reviews and more than that, it has made its way to people's homes and hearts already is a beautiful thing and it makes me think back to the lockdown and making it in lockdown and just throwing myself into it. It was quite an emotional journey and now it is out and can do its thing so it is beautiful."

Kylie Minogue's Signature Rose is available nationally.


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