A new Aldi has opened at Tweed Mall.
A new Aldi has opened at Tweed Mall.

Hundreds line up for new Aldi opening

IT’S not often that the opening of a new supermarket generates so much excitement but that was a real carnival atmosphere at Tweed Mall on Wednesday for the opening of Aldi.

Hundreds of eager Aldi bargain hunters queued outside the supermarket, anxious to swoop on a range of bargains to celebrate the opening — with one shopper waiting since 3am.

Following the official opening by Tweed Mayor Katie Milne, shoppers streamed into the store to check the range of items available much to the delight of Aldi management.

The new store is the third within a five km radius and offers the regular NSW Aldi range of groceries, fruit and veg and a liquor outlet.

To mark the opening, there were also special on everything from TVs to gardening gear, kitchenware to furniture and power tools to suitcases.

One shopper (who didn’t give his name) made able line for a bench saw and took box work station — “Mate I know what I wanted, don’t have time to check out everything else”.

While Aldi management declined to comment, Tweed Mall centre manager John Weaver was delighted with the turn out.

“This will mark a major resurgence for the centre and has been a long time in coming,” Mr Weaver said.

“Work started on the site last September and while the multi million dollar fit-out has been going on, we have also be able to attract new tenants and undertake a major reconfiguration of the centre.

“Having three supermarkets under the one roof plus Target will really enhance the shopping experience for customers and help generate plenty of foot traffic for Tweed Mall.

“Research has shown that when the three major supermarket are in the one location, it drives competition so consumers tend to be the winners.”

Mr Weaver said the opening of Aldi marked a major renewal of Tweed Mall, the tweed’s first major shopping centre which first opened in 1973. Tweed Mall Marketing Manager Ciara Howell said there addition of Aldi would enhance Tweed Mall, making it competitive against other neighbouring shopping centres.

“We have ease of location, plenty of parking and with the new tenants in the centre, plenty of variety.”