WIDE AWAKE: Michael Hase operates an online coffee supply business.
WIDE AWAKE: Michael Hase operates an online coffee supply business. Scott Powick NEWSCORP

How ordering coffee can help communities in need

NOTHING beats that first sip of a freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

But it can be a challenge finding the perfect cup of coffee at a cafe when you're in a hurry.

Coffee enthusiast Michael Hase decided to cut out the middle man and provide the best roasting beans to homes around Australia.

We chat to Mike about Sip4Sip.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Sip4Sip Coffee is the result of wanting an online model that has national and potentially international reach both for its product and purpose.

I settled on coffee as our product as I love the story behind the different beans and brands we work with and the experience it creates with our customers.

My passion is to build the brand around a purpose. So we're connected to two water projects in Ethiopia and Malawi, and every time we sell a bag of coffee, we give a month of water supply to people in need.

It's really cool.

What type of coffee do you stock/how many suppliers are on offer?

We currently work with 10 suppliers from all over Australia - some local roasters from the Gold Coast, including Tweed Heads' very own Ground Control Coffee.

We have started using well-rounded and flexible blends from these suppliers to ensure we can cater for the milk-based, and black coffee drinkers.

We have some new suppliers on the way soon, both locally and from Melbourne, coming on board in the next few months.

Cobaki local Michael operates an online coffee supply business.
Cobaki local Michael operates an online coffee supply business. Scott Powick NEWSCORP

Why do you think coffee is so well-loved?

I think its the sensory experience we get from it.

You can smell and taste the coffee before you even start the brew.

It literally has the opportunity to take us to memories every time, and discovering new flavours is awesome as it has so many possibilities.

And of course the morning kick start isn't too bad either.

What's the biggest challenge in operating an online business?

Awareness. As an online business, no one knows about us, so we're being very patient as we build our brand and community of Sippers with authentic engagement.

Once people see who we are and what we are doing with our coffee variety and the impact, the feedback is nothing but positive.

What are your future plans for the business?

We have three giving goals as our primary guide: to contribute the equivalent of 10,000 days of water by the end of this year, 100,000 days by the end of 2020 and 1million by the end of 2023.

To achieve this, we're building our product line slowly with more coffee brands, merchandise and bio-pods.

We're also just now launching products into the B2B market, working with companies to provide coffee beans in the workplace and coffee and bio-pods into accommodation.

For more information, visit:

  • www.sip4sip.com.au
  • www.facebook.com/sip4sip